Exercises during pregnancy: Why it is important to remain fit.

Physical exercises during pregnancy is not ony desirable for most of women, but encouraged.  Performed regularly (and within the boundaries of your doctor’s recommendations), exercises during pregnancy offers benefits that are not limited to  your pregnancy itself. They may persist beyond your delivery as well.


They improve cardiorespiratory conditioning. They help prevent bladder  problems (such as incontinence, or involuntary leakage of urine). They may prevent or decrease  back pain. They may decrease the risk or severity of  depression. Eventually they may help with improves weight management. The intensity with which to do physical activity depends on your starting fitness. Depends on your doctor’s recommendations too. For previously sedentary women without obstetric or other risk factors, most doctors recommend  starting with mild activity (eg brisk walking) and progressing to  moderate intensity over time. Most women who were physically fit and active before pregnancy may continue their previous routine with some modifications. Even at moderate to high intensity, within certain parameters  depending on the activity and any obstetric risk factors they might have. 

Do not forget that an important point during pregnancy is Rh affiliation. It is necessary to know it at the earliest stages of pregnancy in order to prevent a possible Rh-desease.

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