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Our mission

Pregnancy and childbirth should be life events of great joy and expectation. And today they almost always are, thanks to education and awareness about basic health, hygiene and safety. But it is still important for women – and their partners – to be as informed as possible about these momentous life events. Because there are still risks, and most of them can be avoided with awareness and simple interventions.

This is especially true for women who have Rh negative blood.

The mission of Pregnancy28 is to provide information to Rh negative women about conditions that could affect their pregnancy and treatments that can protect them.

So, the first thing every woman who is pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant, should do is to learn your blood type. If you have Rh Negative blood, this site will provide you with the expert information you need to protect your pregnancy. You can also find other useful information about pregnancy and childbirth and motherhood (and sisterhood) in general, and you can share your experiences with other women around the world.


Do you have any questions? Do you want to contact us? Pregnancy28 is born to give support to mothers who want to be informed and prepared for their pregnancy. Contact us at the following emails

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