Dressing during pregnancy: be comfortable

Dressing during pregnancy? Which clothes to choose during  pregnancy? This is a period characterized by fast-moving and remarkable changes in the physical appearance. Moreover it is generally the only time in which a woman accepts that she is supposed to be gaining weight! (***ask your doctor how much weight you should aim to gain). While we know it’s for a desired healthy outcome, most women still aren’t  happy about the weight gain and are eager to conceal it.  On the other hand, there are some women who happily embrace their new figure. They are happy to showcase it in flattering form-fitting fashions. One thing all pregnant women have in common. It is figuring out how to dress while their bodies are changing so dramatically. Yet temporarily.It is always possible to be fashionable—and even elegant–without neglecting comfort. Dresses with soft lines, perhaps with knitted fabric, help to enhance femininity. The Empire-style clothes, cut under the breast, are an excellent solution.


It can be worn practically throughout pregnancy, until the last few weeks.  Most women prefer clothes that are not tight around the waist or bust, and allow for growth.  Many practical women are also aware that they may need to wear the same clothing while breast-feeding. So they seek clothing that opens sufficiently in the front on top. Most doctors recommend against garments such as pantyhose which are tight or binding in the 3rd trimester.  

Perhaps the most important fashion concern is wearing shoes that are appropriate for work or an evening out. Still comfortable and supportive.  Many first time pregnant women are prepared for their figures to change, but are surprised that their feet often grow a half size larger!  While some women are comfortable in their high heels, many women find that their center of gravity changes in the second half of pregnancy, causing balance challenges.  In that case, supportive flats or even sneakers are preferable.

Do not forget that an important point during pregnancy is Rh affiliation. It is necessary to know it at the earliest stages of pregnancy in order to prevent a possible Rh-desease.


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